We believe toys can bring immense joy and fosters learning during critical developmental stages. At TRADEX, we strive to create and provide products that are safe, reliable and fun. Our goal is “betterment for the kids, superior for their future.”

Vinyl Duck

We have many years of experience in manufacturing of vinyl products. Our products include, squirters of many variations, alike animals, cars, and we also floating ducks with each a very unique design.

PVC Figure

With the help of our experienced graphic designer and skilful sculptors, we have been able to create an array of different products, these include the three little pigs and wolf, a combination of the DC Comics™ super heroes and villains and many more.

Hard Plastic

We also have made functional products made of PVC, HIPS and other such plastics with electronic components within the product. An example would be the automated Star Wars™ stirring mug and as well as our Angry Birds™ alarm clock and other licensed OEM & ODM products.


We have several different types of plushes, including bathing plushes, sleeping plushes and plushes with electronic components.

OEM Product

We are a Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

ODM Product

You only need to provide a concept, then we can help you promote it to the market. Start from idea sketches > 3D model > manufacturing > packaging > shipment

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